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she's got experience. being miss universe isn't about standing still or looking pretty, no, no, no, she isn't a doll or robot and we can agree come sunday she doesn't win ms. units universe, she's already a master. that does it for us. "early start" starts now. chris christie's sweeping victor tuesday night has landed him another new title. is it a role that will jet set him toward 2006? we will explain that. new video in the tragic case of the georgia high school student found dead rolled up in a gym mat? will this video help crack the
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case? >> welcome, everyone. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. it's so nice to have you with us! >> it's great to be here on "early start." i'm don lemon in for john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. democrats stressing out over the obama care fiasco. they are facing off with the president urging him to get the exchange system up and running and to do this swiftly. they are getting real nervous about the political fallout here and they should be. health and human service secretary kathleen sebelius saying needs millions of fixes. here is more from brianna kei r keilar. >> it is wonderful to see all of you. >> reporter: texas, not exactly friendly territory for obama care. but that is where president obama went to criticize republican opposition to his signature health care reform program and promising its faulty website will soon be up and
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running. >> we are working overtime to get this fixed. the website is already better than it was at the beginning of october. and by the end of this month, we anticipate that it is going to be working the way it is supposed to. >> reporter: back in the hot seat again, embattled health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius testified before a senate committee conceding not many people have signed up. >> early enrollment numbers are going to be very low. >> reporter: republicans questioned the security of and the screening of so-called navigators that help people enroll. >> so a convicted felon could be a navigator and could require sensitive personal information from an innocent person ub beknown as to them. >> they will screen the individual navigators and make sure that they are sufficiently trained for the job. >> reporter: but it was this.
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>> why not sit down and do it right. >> reporter: criticism from chairman max balkus who voted for obama care that may have stung the most. for congressional democrats facing re-election next year, obama care has become a political liability. president obama invited 15 of them to the white house wednesday afternoon to address their concerns. meanwhile, the fallout from the messy rollout seeing its first casualty. the chief information officer for the agency running the troubled website has resigned. brianna keilar, cnn, thank you. after a landslide victory in tuesday's election. chris christie is preparing to rack up the frequent flyer miles and taking over as chairman of the republican governors association. a powerful position will have him canvassing the country in 2014 and supporting candidates running for governor in three dozen states. one puts it christie gets to run for president before he officially runs for president. chances are joe polino will
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never run for president and still having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that he is the new mayor of marvin, north dakota even though he didn't run. he was a write-in candidate and was the winner because the other two candidates dropped out of the race without any explanation. >> certainly not prepared. this is the first time for me ever dipping my toe in the political world and it's exciting. again, still humbling. >> it's a lovely little town right near charlotte. mayor p pollino wants marvin to remain its down and he will continue to keep the box stores out. biden accidentally called marty walsh a former aide.
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the vice president is not the only one to dial a wrong number in this pup debbie wassermann schultz called him to congratulate him. >> really? i want something? can you imagine that phone call? more fallout from rob ford's shocking confession that he smoked crack last year. he said it was a dungen stupor. ford's long time policy adviser has just resigned's his own deputy mayor is pleading with him to take a leave of absence. the mayor will not hear of it. ford returned to work yesterday and even conducting a tour of city hall for a group of school children while 200 protesters were outside the building calling on him to resign. national security officials are set to discuss the leadership of two major defense entities, the nsa and u.s. cybercommand are both overseen
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by general keith alexander who is set to retire in march. the nsa leads the nation's spy activities and cybercommand conducts military attacks. two people killed and eight others wounded in a shooting at a detroit strip mall. the gunfire erupted last night at a barber shop on the city's east side that is known for illegal gambling activity. police investigators are looking for two cars they say were following eve ooech other and shooting back and forth before shots were fired into the barber shop. more questions raised affair new video obtained by cnn shows a high school student found dead rolled up in a gym mat. one shows kendrick johnson where he died. johnson's family believed their
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son was murdered and it was covered up. some red flags being raised by cbs report on benghazi. a private contractor named morgan jones told "60 minutes" he repeatedly warned of risks at the compound. he claims he found ambassador christopher stevens at the hospital and he went back to the u.s. compound and attacked a militant but an incident report says jones never went to the hospital or back to the compound. jones is standing by his story and cbs officials say they are confident that their sources are accurate. nuclear talks with iran resuming in geneva today. the white house is reportedly prepared to offer the iranians limited relief from crippling economic sanctions if they agree to halt their nuclear program for a period of six months. this crazy weather. >> it's balmy this morning,
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right? >> i know but it's driving me crazy. >> your allergies are acting up. he is having a hard time talking. ork that is disgusting! >> that is the reality of it, karen! >> i know, don, the same for me as well. we woke up the last several mornings and it was very cold but fairly mild this morning. the temperature hovering in the upper 50s. so a very mild day, but that is the mild air that was coming up from the south ahead of the frontal system and now it looks a little more interesting. frontal system is going to move through and with it here comes the rainfall. it isn't just the rain. it's going to be the blustery conditions that will be associated with that as well. the rainfall, for the most part, is back across the eastern great lakes and across interior sections of new england. eventually and i do mean in the next few hours, four to sick hours, we will see the rainfall pick up in places like new york and boston and philadelphia and washington, d.c. in the meantime, across the midwest, temperatures between 5 and 10 degrees below where they
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should be and then by friday, for new york and washington, d.c. and boston. those temperatures are going to be way below normal. guess what, don? coming up by monday, it looks like we will see some of the coldest air that we have seen so far this season. it is going to be -- it's been fairly miserable the last week or so. >> i'll still take warm. >> even though you're miserable? >> enough of that. thank you, karen. a floating data center and high event space? mystery over the barge in the san francisco bay revealed to be owned by google. government inspectors were sworn to secrecy. the police said it's not their problem and the mayor said he had no clue. wednesday, google solved the mystery finally. it's an interactive space where people can learn about technology. does that mean a show room for google glass?
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>> on a barge? >> apparently. you have to travel to go see it. that's a big, big barge! kind of cool. but at least the mystery is kind of solved until somebody gets on there and figures out exactly what it is. >> but why is it on a barge? that is the mystery. a third oklahoma teen facing murder charges for the murder of a baseball player from australia. and the trial of martin macneill, more on that coming up. tweet us with your early morning rhyme. we will read the best ones on the air in our next half hour. >> time for your morning rhyme, any time. send it in, morning rhyme. he forefront of innovation. when the world called for speed... ♪ ...when the world called for stealth... ♪ ...intelligence... endurance...
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welcome back. i'm don lemon. new this morning. a development in the case against three teens accused of killing an australian baseball player allegedly because they were bored.
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prosecutors have upgraded the charges against one suspect. 17-year-old michael jones charged as an adult with felony first-degree murder, the same as the other two suspects. prosecutors claim jones drove the get-away car. >> you just heard those allegations against your son. do you have anything to say? >> no. >> is there anything you want to say about your son, ma'am? >> i don't want to say no more. >> the victim, 23-year-old christopher lane was jogging back in august when he was gunned down. outrage in the motor city after a 19-year-old woman was shot to death. she was seeking help from a stranger? the middle of the night. a large turnout at a vigil last my for mcbrooiide who was kille saturday in dearborn, heights. her family say she was looking for help at a stranger's home after getting into a car accident. she wound up getting shot in the head and killed. they are calling it a case of racial profiling. >> we just had a murder of a
2:15 am
young woman and we would hope that somebody could go to somebody's door at 4:00 in the morning and seek help and not end up dying and leaving their family grieving. >> police have not publicly identified or arrested the homeowner who shot mcbride. >> such an awful story. a 24-year-old texas woman arrested wednesday after police say she deliberately ran over her boyfriend. natalie kirkendoll is charged with assault. another suffered severe head trauma and taken by life flight to a hospital in critical condition. neighbors describe the couple's relationship as a stormy one. >> i didn't expect that she would go that far but they did a lot of arguing together and screaming and he has a temper and she does too. >> police the victim was trying to run away when he was hit. bombshell testimony in the murder trial of martin macneill.
2:16 am
an excell mate taking the stand wednesday and he says the former utah doctor admitted to killing his wife and providing the details about the kind of drugs he used to do it. the inmate is expected back on the stand today and so is macneill's mistress. here is cnn's jane casarez. >> reporter: martin macneill not only admitted he killed his wife, he bragged it bit, according to his former cell mate. the revelation came out when jason poyer asked macneill about list comfortable shoes, not available to other prisoners. >> they were especially made, i guess. >> so you were asking how do i get a pair of those as a joke? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> he said, no, you can't. i said, how do you get away with that? and he is like, i can get away with a lot of things. >> did he say he murdered his wife? >> he didn't it like that, but he said i'm getting away with murdering my wife. >> reporter: poyer was the first
2:17 am
of five inmates to testify for the prosecution. the others did so off camera. still incarcerated and fearing for their safety by snitching on macneill. the inmates testified that macneill confessed to killing his wife but without actually saying it. >> he said he gave her some oxy and some sleeping pills and then got her to get in the bathtub. >> did he say what he did next? >> later on, he just said he had to help her out and i asked him what that was and he said he held her head under the water for a little while. he said that she was in the way, that she wanted the house and the kids. he said they couldn't prove that he, you know, did anything. >> reporter: prosecutors charge dr. macneill killed his wife of 30 years by drowning her in the family bathtub after giving her a potent mix of medications so he could marry his mistress
2:18 am
gypsy willis. >> i said i apologize about your wife. he said, no, i'm glad the bitch is dead. >> did martin talk to at all about the relationship he had with his wife before she died? >> there was going downhill, that they were trying to get his money and she was not going to let him keep cheating on him, keep cheating on her. >> that was all a lie, of course, right? >> yes, it was. >> while the defense called them liars and continued to poke holes in their story, poirer satisfied the two shared reading. >> i asked him are you surs abo serious about this? >> about what? >> about murdering your wife. >> what did he say? >> he said, yes, i'm serious. look where i'm add. i immediately told the guards i needed to switch sections. >> why is that? >> i didn't want to be around him. >> jean casarez, cnn, provo,
2:19 am
utah. update on the san francisco woman found dead inside a hospital stairwell last month. the sheriff reported on wednesday deputies are the wrong description of the woman and failed to search the area where she was found. lynn spaulding was discovered 17 days after she disappeared. the medical examiner has not yet relieved the cause of death. 19 minutes past the hour. so this may work for santa claus but chimneys and burglars don't make the best combination and ask richard brandon who is in jail this morning after trying to break into a naples, florida, home through the chimney. he got stuck. his accomplice panicked and asked police at a nearby 7-eleven for help. it took firefighters 30 minutes to get brandon out. >> when i first saw that, i thought the defendants richard branson! i was like, wait a minute! that guy is everywhere! richard brandon. >> stupid criminals, right?
2:20 am
remember the kevin ware story? he is back. after suffering a gruesome leg injury. he's on the court now. >> i can't wait to see what he looks like. >> can't wait.
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basketball, louisville's kevin ware is back in action. >> andy scholes joins us with more. we were talking about the psychology behind this how these kids get back on the basketball court and they are not scared. >> yeah. it's great to see kevin back out there and definitely not scared. he was cleared to practice this last sunday and didn't expect to play last night but louisville head coach rick pitino surprised everyone when he called ware's number. last march the cardinals guard suffered this gruesome injury. we remember him laying out on the court. he is healed up and came in the second half of the exhibition game and hits the first shot he takes. it was a three-pointer. the junior guard only played ten minutes in the game but he was thrilled to be back out there on the court. >> when he called my number, i was just ready to get in. i've been waiting for this moment for 2 hundred and like 20 days now. so i'm happy.
2:25 am
something you rarely see. john moffitt an offensive lineman for the broncos is quitting at mid season and walking away from a million dollars. moffitt says he is retiring from football because he has lost the love for the game and tired of risking his health. he said i'm not trying to be the poster boy i thought he should leave because of concussions but it's a valid point. he was drafted in the third round in 2011 and only in his third season in the league. trending on this crazy video. a fan steals his helmet and puts it on his head! he got his helmet stolen. this lady pours her beer on his head! the video shows that chicago fans are definitely hard-core! kansas state women's basketball team is excited about tipping off their season tomorrow night in hopes of luring a big student crowd to
2:26 am
the game. the school is offering them free bacon! >> oh, my! >> ksu announced the promotion on twitter and it's gained so much steam that the school had to increase their order of bacon from 100 pounds to 300 pounds! so if you get there an hour before the game, they are going to give you this paper boat full of bacon! the problem with that is? >> icky! >> are you kidding me? >> messy. >> did the blacks win or did they lose? >> i didn't even see the score! i was so wrapped up in watching the video of that guy getting his helmet ripped off and then the beer poured on his head and i was thinking about eating bacon all morning. >> i'll check in on that. thank you so much. >> serving some bagels with that and maybe a little scrambled eggs, that would be nice. >> sop up all of the oil, right? >> thank you, andy scholes. appreciate it. coming up the nfl launching an investigation of the miami dolphins workplace in the face of a widening bullying scandal
2:27 am
and now some of richie incognito's teammates are coming to his defense. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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said democrats meeting with the president to get their health care exchange up and running and why some fear political fallout of the obama care website debacle. >> steamy sex scandal. a female police officer's affair with a drug dealer that she was
2:31 am
investigating uncovered. how she jeopardized other officers and ruined the investigation. >> might be a little too steamy for 5:30 in the morning, don't you think? >> i don't know. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm don lemon in for john berman. >> this is a reunion of sort it is. >> we will tell people about that coming up. >> it was in chicago. i'm don lemon in on for john berman. more than a dozen senate democrats meeting with the president to get the health care exchanges up and running once and for all. they are fearing political fallout and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is telling a senate committee the website needs hundreds of fixes. >> i'm the first to admit that the rollout has been
2:32 am
excruciating awful for so many people. we are adding hardware and software to fix the functionality and getting people from place-to-place. there have been significant improvements. we are not satisfied at all where we are now. >> she told senators when obama care enrollment figures are relieved for the first time this month, the number will be, quote, very low. no time like now to start the mud slinging for the 2016 presidential election. paul has referred to christie in the past as the king of bacon. paul taking another swipe at christie at a senate hearing yesterday. blasting him for appearing in all of those hurricane sandy ads without actually mentioning the governor by name. >> some of these ads they put their mugs all over the ads.
2:33 am
it was included somebody running for political office. you think there might be a conflict of interest there? >> paul also blasted christie for repeatedly calling washington disfunctional. he says the federal government isn't as bad as christie suggests. the massachusetts state governor who got released has decided to retire. sergeant sean murphy insisting he was not forced out but it was time to move on. he'll receive a full pension. membrane's decision coming after internal charges against him for violating departmental rules were upheld. the nfl is trying to get the full story of what happened between jonathan martin and richie incognito. martin left the team after alleged bullying by inincognito. we get more from cnn's john va
2:34 am
is zarrella. >> reporter: the muscles teddy bear as a friend described incognito looked slick to have a brand-new ferrari delivered to his home while inside the training facility, incognito's teammates and coaches faced a barrage of questions off allegations of bullying. philbin saying incognito was tied to toughen up. >> since the day i walked through these doors has been one of honesty, respect, and accountability to one another. >> reporter: the nfl is investigating incognito's purportedly profanity laced e-mails for jonathan martin. incognito has been suspended
2:35 am
from the team indefinitely and isn't talking about the scandal. >> you know what? i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this will pass. >> reporter: martin left the team last week and hasn't commented publicly either about what some described as professional athlete hazing gone too far and saying it's inexcusable bullying. inside the locker room many players were surprised by martin martin's. >> i think if you asked jonathan martin the week before who his best friend he would say richie incogni incognito. when they wanted to hang out outside of football, who was together? richie and jonathan. so i can't -- i'm not in those guys' shoes. i can't explain what is going on. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this is video of incognito erupting in a bizarre rage in a south florida bar
2:36 am
earlier this year. incognito has a checkered reputation. he was leaved by the st. louis rams for arguing with the team's head coach and in a poll of nfl players by the "sporting news" magazine he was once voted the dirtiest player on the league but on the dolphins team, several players seem frustrated with jonathan martin. >> off the field, those two went out together and hung out together, they did a lot of stuff together so if he had a problem with the way the guy was treating him, he had a funny way of showing it. >> ed lavandera, cnn, ft. lauderdale, florida. a 22-year-old man died from severe foot allergies. michael is at the guard desk with his inhaler asking for the nurse. you see him there. he was sent to his cell where he can be seen jumping up and down pleading for help. after a half hour of being
2:37 am
ignored a guard found him unresponsive. he had turned himself in on a misdemeanor marijuana charge and his mother has filed a 10 million dollar wrongful death story. a sex scandal is unfolding in the tempe, arizona, police department this morning. police say undercover detective jessica blew her cover when she started sleeping with the drug dealer they were investigate. when higher-ups were tipped off jessica resigned. because of the scandal, the case against the dealer has crumbled. >> she is under cover. >> i don't know if that is a good defense. checking the forecast now. karen maginnis is live. >> poor karen. we always toss it to you with some doozie, don't we?
2:38 am
>> that is the truth. good morning, zoraida and don. i hope you're having a good morning. the wet weather is expected to move on through. we have been talking about this because primarily the weather has been quiet the last several days but here comes the rain from rochester and buffalo. just in time for late week disruption as far as your airline traffic is concerned. it definitely looks like it could impact the region. not just with the wet weather and the reduced visibility but we are expecting gusty winds behind this system. yes, a fairly mild morning, but by the afternoon, those temperatures are really going to swing around quite a bit with wind gusts possibly as high as 30, possibly 35 miles an hour. here is the water vapor imagery. frontal system makes its way towards the east so it isn't the i-95 corridor and extends to charlotte and for atlanta, but
2:39 am
we have got another weather system moving into the northwest with plenty of mountain snow. >> thank you, karen. 38 minutes past the hour. a 13-year-old eighth grader from kansas says he was suspended from school wednesday for refusing to take off his vera bradley purse. schuyler davis says he has been carrying the clorl bag over his shoulder since august and there have been no issues. now he is told the suspension won't be lifted until he gives up the purse which he says he is not going to do. schuyler's mother supports his decision and no comment from school officials on this one. coming up, 9 dollar computer monitors, treadmills for 30 bucks. why doesn't this ever happen to me? a technical glitch at walmart trending a online frenzy. listen to this. you're going to meet a remarkable 1-year-old boy who cannot be stopped.
2:40 am
>> look at those cheeks! >> even though that little one is paralyzed. >> he's so cute! >> oh, my goodness.
2:41 am
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lease this 2014 srx for around $369 a month with premium care maintenance included. ♪ we are getting old. i'm like why? >> i'm kind of sad about this. >> blockbuster one time king of the video rental bus closing its remaining 300 u.s. stores and shutting down its dvd mail operation in january. less than ten years ago, blockbuster had 9,000 stores. the company will continue as a streaming service available for its parent company dish network. >> i still have my blockbuster card. >> things change so quickly. >> do you still have your vhs? >> of course, i do. a buy area market on walmart on wednesday. a technical glitch slashed prices on a range of products. high-def computer monitors listed $9!
2:44 am
treadmill reduced from 600 down to 30 bucks! so it spread quickly online but we didn't hear about it. bad news. walmart will not honor the orders! >> what? >> you know what they are going to do? give you a 10 dollar gift card if you're affected by this. >> sad trombone. after five decades a treasured stolen motorcycle has been returned to its owner in nebraska. triumph tiger was taken in 1967. he never thought he would see it again! last week, it was recovered in california as it was about to be shipped to japan! 73-year-old brought it back -- he bought it for $300 and said it is worth $9,000 today and he can't wait to take it out on the road again. >> that's a nice reunion. >> yeah. let's take a look what is coming up on "new day." good morning, y'all.
2:45 am
>> we have new, we have more. we have new issues with obama care. security concerns. kathleen sebelius is back on capitol hill. another grilling. new information that really makes the issue of whether or not the problems are kbe fixed to the satisfaction of everybody involved. we will take you through that. more. the dolphins bullying allegations. up to now it's a debate. is it bullying or not are they big boys now and treating the way you want to treat anybody else? how about whether or not a premise for the behavior to begin with? another layer of the controversy that goes to mr. ig cog knee tow number 68 of the pictures you see here. a shocking case out of washington state. a 22-year-old turns himself in to police on a minor marijuana charge and he winds up dead in his cell. his family says surveillance video shows him pleading for help but getting none. we are going to bring you that story, obviously, high emotions on that case and all of that is
2:46 am
coming up. >> i will be joining you for that shortly. >> the last time that zoraida and i anchored dotting it was a debacle. the entire studio board went down and we had to go on another studio. that was the last time we were on the air together and now here. i hope this has been a little bit better. >> it's been smooth. >> watch what is going to happen next. we will see you guys in a little bit. >> see you guys. a 1-year-old boy battling paralysis from a rare nerve disorder isn't letting the disease keep him down. look at this, folks. this is wyatt banks. the little guy from south carolina was diagnosed with transfers militis when he was only six months old. he lost the use of both legs. his mom tried putting him in asn such a young child use a wheelchair so effectively.
2:47 am
why his mom says her son is happy today and she is letting tomorrow take care of itself. >> go wyatt, go wyatt! >> exactly! we are rooting you on. >> we certainly are. time for the morning rhyme. our first tweet of the day from julie benoit who writes roll out of bed, turn "early start" on and what a surprise to see the don! nice! >> this comes from the don! roses are red and violets are blue, john berman, i'm hating on you! >> that is nice. >> tweet us. we love to hear from you in the morning. >> we certainly do. good morning, everyone. tweet us here. coming up, all eyes on wall street. investors waiting for the big debut of twitter. everyone is a twitterist. it's going to be a publicly traded company. if you're trying to get in on the ipo this morning, check in with christine romans next. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing.
2:48 am
so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? avo: thesales event "sis back. drive"
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♪ i can't help feeling we could have had it all ♪ >> i was waiting for you to sing. welcome back to "early start." it's time for "money time." ." i didn't want people to lose their breakfast. >> can we have it all with the twitter ipo? >> if you keep dreaming, maybe you can but good luck with that. twitter is about to leave the nest today and by the look of things it may have a rocket strapped to its back. demand is strong for twitter. in fact, the company raised the final price of the stock to $26 a share. the low end range had been $17 jaw few days ago. twitter announced this move, where do you think? on twitter. a nice tweet there. you see it there. the final price, what it means is the company is planning to raise $1.8 billion with today's initial public offering and it also means that the total value of the company is 14.2 billion dollars.
2:52 am
it's pretty significant when you consider that it has yet to turn a profit. this company hasn't turned a profit yet. as for today, twitter executives are ringing the opening bell at the new york stock exchange where twitter is listed and laying out not the red carpet but the blue carpet but don't expect the stock to trade at 9:30 when the opening bell rings because what happens it's going to take time for the market maker to find the right price at which the stock should begin trading. one cautionary tale is what happened with facebook. it become one of the biggest flops quickly. it debuted at $38 a share and three months later get it for half that price and now facebook is trading three times of its low and close at $49 a share. >> is it gone? >> many people think it is because it's showing growth in the mobile ad revenue and so facebook is making strides there. i'm not one to give investment
2:53 am
advice but these are risky stocks. twitter may be the most hyped ipo of the year but u.s. lawmakers were banned from getting in early. the house committee on ethics sent a letter tuesday reminding members thernty are not allowed buy shares of twitter until they begin trading and widely available to investors. insiders can stand to make huge gains but congress passed an act last year that stopped its members from taking advantage of insider pricing through political connections. the letter sent out this week was the rule was the first of its kind. >> gentle reminder. >> exactly. >> i worry about monetizing. how do you make money off of these, right? >> that is what people are skeptical about, especially with twitter. it's yet to turn a profit and although it is making strides with its use of -- its use of ads you see them embedded you
2:54 am
want to see this company turn a profit. the average investor, i'd say, beware. >> i've clicked on a few. >> have you? >> yes purposely and it turns into one thing and you go into another story and you just keep on clicking. >> they kind of know what you like? >> yes. >> they haven't captured what you like. >> oh, an ad over there. >> thank you. up next, a sound of terror. new 911 calls from a new jersey mall moments after a gunman dressed in black opened fire. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one. it's not the "limit the cash i earn every month" card. it's not the "i only earn decent rewards at the gas station" card. it's the no-games, no-signing up, everyday-rewarding, kung-fu-fighting, silver-lightning-in-a-bottle, bringing-home-the-bacon cash back card. this is the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere, every single day.
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2:56 am
geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. anybody?
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2:58 am
57 minutes past the hour. shoppers and store employees pleading with 911 dispatchers to send police to garden state plaza mall asap. we are hearing the frantic emergency calls the night a gunman went inside and started shooting. >> somebody is shooting in garden state mall right now. >> is somebody shooting? >> something is shooting up garden state plaza right now i'm in the bathroom. >> stay on the phone. how many people in the bathroom with you? >> three. >> are they in your store? >> yes. >> i'm at the garden state plaza mall where there has been a shooting. >> yes? >> i work here and i'm inside the store inside the office with a girl not by myself but i'm scared and i want to get out of the mall. >> thankfully everyone did make it out okay physically at least. the only casualty the gunman. authorities say richard shoop had plenty of chances to shoot people but he didn't.
2:59 am
he eventually shot himself in the head. his hometown held a vigil-the-. new day on i can tell you our early enrollment numbers are going to be very low. >> the first casualty. of one of the leaders behind the obama care website resigns as kathleen sebelius admits the site may pose a security risk as well. can these problems be fixed. twitter goes public this morning, minting new millionaires and making some even richer. is it a good buy for you. walmart's website accidentally set some of its prices absurdly low. a treadmill worth hundreds of dollars worth 33 bucks. the question now, will walmart honor those deals? your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to "new day," thursday, november 7th. 6:00 in the east. first up, president obama insists the patient is getting better. and they're working overtime to help run smoothly by the end of the month. that would be the headline except a new problem seems to have come up as kathleen sebelius returned to capitol hill for yet another grilling, this time a security risk to users. breanna keeler is following developments, live at the white house this morning. >> reporter: it was another damaging appearance on the hill for hhs secretary kathleen sebelius. as president obama headed to the lone star state, that's right, but not a coincidence that he was in texas where a republican governor has blocked the expansion of medicaid under the obama care law. >> it is wonderful to see all o

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